Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

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I should have been born an otter

Yesterday was the kind of day when I feel I really will die if I don't get in the sea. So we drove down to Hastings for some fun in the sun.

It was a reasonable journey, though you do see some queer old sights on England's roads when it's this hot. Range Rovers reversing up a slip road onto Junction 5 of the M25, for example.

I had a lovely swim - well, several - and felt much refreshed. Then I walked past the lifeguard's hut, which had a big sign up reading 'DANGER - Weaver Fish - Please wear shoes at low tide.'

Never having heard of weaver fish, I looked 'em up on Google when we got home. Yikes; not what one expects from Hastings, frankly. It's Sussex, for heaven's sake, not Australia!
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