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Marshall Aid

I had a missive from Parcelfarce yesterday to inform me that an Exciting Parcel originating in the USA awaited my collection at their Charlton Portakabin. (They didn't actually say it was exciting; I merely inferred it.)

Guess what it was? My husky mascot mask, direct from the University of Connecticut via pentimento.

Thank you so much, my precious! I owe you. I'm not sure quite what I owe you, not being well up on the current barter rate for plush dog heads, but when I work it out you shall receive it in abundance. And thanks to everyone else Stateside who offered to ship the thing to me.

For those keeping up at the back: this is a furry mascot mask designed to be worn at sports matches as you cheer on your favoured team. Go you Huskies! Or if you're me, you can parade about in it in the privacy of your own home and ponder the wisdom of jumping out from behind the wheelie-bins in it to scare passers-by.

It is quite the most frivolous and ridiculous possession I have ever owned, and I love it to pieces.

Rar! Floofy fuzzy face!
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