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It Was The Loveliest Party I Have Ever Attended...

...if anything was broken I'm sure it could be mended.

Except klepsydra, who is by her own admission permanently broken.

My weekend was full of fun and fur, with phoenicia's birthday pizza extravaganza in Reading on Friday night (there are precious few things in life worth going to Reading for, but this was one of them), the londonfurs meet on Saturday and branded_bunni's fancy dress birthday shindig down in Eastleigh (Eastleigh, reasons to visit: see Reading) on the Sunday.

Highlights included:

  • sharing a Summer Sizzler with bhata at the Reading Pizza Hut. Mm-mm, nothing beats pizza smothered in barbeque sauce
  • discovering that the frozen yoghurt machine in Nando's dispenses something resembling a strawberry dildo (really! It did it all by itself!)
  • Getting caught in the act of barking back at Bunni's neighbours' dog by Bunni's neighbours (pet trauma lawsuit in the works, no doubt)
  • Meeting a lovely young Danish woman named Pinky ("He's YEEFing heem!") and feeling the need to apologise profusely for being dressed as an imaginary, canine, Scandinavian pilot ("It's OK! You are so cool!")
  • Putting faces to the names of galahadwarhorse, kyyanno and nuwolf, amongst others


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