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Even Older Friends

Simon and Garfunkel in Hyde Park were fabulous, of course. kowarth and I were in the entry queue an hour before the gates opened and managed to secure a space reasonably near the front of the standing area, where we were joined by addedentry.

Even so, I was barely able to see the stage due to the many tall fans in front of me. If I stood on tiptoe and the crowd moved in exactly the right way, I could just catch a glimpse of Art. Paul, being the same height as me (and a very nice height it is too), was invisible. Gratitudes extended, therefore, to kowarth, who is as generous as he is mighty and managed to support me on his shoulder for the whole of 'Baby Driver'.

They started off, I must admit, horribly out of time and tune and looking old. But a few songs in they suddenly clicked and they were away. Midway through the Everly Brothers, no longer a surprise item but listed - and misspelled - on the souvenir tickets, did their three songs then went backstage for a little lie down. The set list was pretty much the same as the Oakland gig, but at least the tour T-shirts had European dates on so I could show off my US one.

Yes, it is a little sad - both artists' successful solo careers notwithstanding - to see two people in their sixties singing songs that they first performed forty years ago. But it's wonderful to see a generation of people who weren't born then enjoying those songs so much.

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