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It's fricking freezing in here, Mr Bigglesworth

At 7:20 this evening, I was probably the only person in London to be riding a scooter in the rain wearing a karate outfit under a motorcycle jacket. This did not make me feel any better about it. Really this is not the weather to be standing about in a church hall in bare feet and what is essentially a pair of white cotton jammies, imbued with Oriental symbolism though they may be.

Good old Sensei Ricky won't let you be cold for long, though. He was in a particularly vindictive mood this evening - perhaps one of the younger students had been teasing him about his Reeboks again? - with quickfire questions and press-ups for all if an incorrect answer was received. It's very hard to say 'gee damboree' under pressure.

I bet the Samurai didn't have to do press-ups.

Who am I kidding? They probably invented them.

Also on the menu was a new and vicious exercise in which instead of just doing our front kicks 'hard and fast, kiai on du' we had to squat down, stand up, kick out with the right leg, squat down, stand up, kick out with the left leg, squat down. Repeat nine times or until dead. Oh how we laughed when the sensei was the one who overbalanced and fell over!

I was also informed that I am expected to enter the next tournament in March. Now is that a treat, or a threat?

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