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Fun With Stats

More cheap laughs from my website's user statistics page. The things some people put into Google eh?

First off, it seems we have some Molesworth fans in the audience tonight, with searches for 'squished tomato', 'rafia work' and 'poo gosh'. Proud to be the Web's #1 provider of poo gosh material!

Then there's the downright-odd department:

i live in catford
Hey, so do I! Let's meet up!

crazy dobermann
Not today thanks.

alice cartoon
No comment.

The questions I cannot answer department:

how do i make stone chess peices
how to breed a falcon
(Well, you take a boy falcon and a girl falcon...)
how many grams are in a ten sack of weed

The faintly disturbing - OK, the very disturbing - department:

woman shackled
underage gurls
sword sharpening guide
please sir not in my mouth

And finally:

alice is the one

I knew it!

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