Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

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End of an Era

I bought a new motorcycle jacket yesterday. I wouldn't mind, but I only popped into the shop for a valve cap.

To be fair, I'd been looking for one for several months. My previous Furygan number was going on for four years old, had become all frayed around the cuffs and, more importantly, ceased to be waterproof at the elbows. But finding a replacement as nice as the outgoing jacket for a reasonable price proved a toughie.

I like my new jacket very much. It's red and black, is a nice shape (making me look marginally less Bib-esque than previously) and has an inner lining that can be zipped out and worn as a separate fleece. Yet as I unpinned the Kickstart the Dog (that's his name, not an instruction) badge from the old one and removed the small plush Bagpuss from the left pocket, I held a few moments' silence for the many miles of road we had travelled together.

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