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Movin' with Nancy

addedentry, kowarth and I witnessed an historic event last night: Nancy Sinatra's first ever performance in London.

Speaking, Nance sounded like your lovely quavery old granny. But when she put on her singing voice she proved that it's never too late for a first gig. Utter magic still, especially on 'You Only Live Twice'.

I must admit, though, that apart from 'Bang, Bang', the opener, none of the songs were among what I consider the top flight of Nancy numbers. That's because almost all my favourites - 'Ladybird', 'Summer Wine', 'Jackson', 'Sundown' - were sung as duets with Lee Hazlewood. (Ah, Lee, with his immense moustache and uncanny ability to turn any song into a Country & Western track just by opening his mouth.)

It seems other audience members were of the same opinion, as when requests were shouted out from the front rows Nancy cupped her hand to her ear then said "Aww, I can't do those songs without Lee! I can't sing both parts."

Consequently, I felt ever so slightly flat when Nancy eventually bowed, waved and kissed her way into the wings. But then, then, then, she reappeared, mopping her face with a towel, and did The Last of the Secret Agents as an encore!

Needless to say, I stood up and bayed and went home mighty pleased.

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