Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Dogs (Lots Of Different Ones)

As you'll see from my new icon, I had a whale - or possibly a St Bernard - of a time at Discover Dogs on Sunday. This is essentially a big Kennel Club-sponsored PR exercise; nearly every breed has its display stand and several spokesdogs to stroke and pet, so you can choose which kind of dog is right for you (answer: all of them! Gimme!!). Plus charity and commercial stalls selling everything imaginable to, for, by, with and of dogs, display arena where we saw a lady dancing with her Border Collies, and the Metropolitan Police showing off a litter of cuter than cute German Shepherd puppies, soon no doubt to grow into vicious snarling creatures capable of taking a burglar's leg off in one chomp.

tktiger has done an extensive write-up of the expedition. Best part for me was when we Discovered the Siberian Husky stand and anthropuppy kindly asked the owner if I could get into the pen and have a cuddle with my furry brethren. The chap you see in the picture already looked absolutely petrified before I got in with him, honest.

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