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Roll Call

Friday evening we were At Home to jiggery_pokery and his transatlantic consort dezzikitty, plus radinden (known to me prior to our meeting as 'Rob from Croydon who likes romcoms'), jvvw (whom I hadn't seen since the days when neither of us had a LiveJournal), bluedevi and verlaine, and mr_babbage (who is last only because it took me a while to find his username).

It was a nice party. We had pink Pringles. We did not play Scrabble. ericklendl was missed. dezzikitty and I discovered that we both liked cats and had studied Classics, but neither of these were the mystery Thing We Had In Common that Chris challenged us to discover, and we had to have lots of hints before working it out.

I must admit that before I actually met Meg, I took Chris's blissful burblings about True Pairings and True Lurve with a pinch of salt. This is because I am an horrible person who believes the natural state of humanity is abject misery. But having seen the two of them together, I'm totally convinced and can only marvel at how lucky they are to have found each other from so far apart.
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