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Sputnick has Landed

Lewisham has always been a hive of cosmopolitan multiculturalism, if such a thing can exist (except at Yates's Wine Lodge, obviously), and the selection of ethnic foodstuffs has just got wider.

As I was driving to karate a few weeks ago, I noticed a brand new plastic fascia in bright green and yellow, announcing 'Sputnick Russian Food'. Over subsequent Tuesdays I watched with mounting excitement as fixtures, shelving and finally produce appeared in the window. This week, it looked as if it had finally opened its doors. So I strolled up there last night for a visit.

Sadly the off-licence part hadn't opened yet, but I was able to infer that Russians like pickles. Bigtime.

I'm still not sure why they decided to open up shop in our neck of the woods. If I see men on the platform at Lewisham station with snow on their boots, I may start to worry. But I bought honey cakes with cranberry, and chocolate wafers with cartoon cat musketeers on the wrappers.

We're getting a Nando's, too! Truly the gentrification of SE13 hath begun.
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