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Talk about a police state

Knocked off for the week, having hit my self-imposed target of entering a thousand records. Whoo-hoo! You always end up playing these little obsessive-compulsive games with yourself doing data entry: after 25 records I will get up and make a coffee, after 50 I will go to the loo, looking forward to palindromic numbers, e.g. 74147, and so on. It's that or go mad.

I was going to write about Internet access at work the other night, but got distracted by tales of people wiping snot on the toilet walls. The situation is: only a handful of people in the (12-storey) building can use the Web. They have to prove, in writing, that the Internet is essential for their job; sign a lengthy disclaimer that pretty much forbids you to do anything online; and after all that stick to proscribed Metropolitan Police-approved sites or bump up against a firewall and a stern warning. Glancing at a non-work site is a sackable offence. Similar conditions apply for external e-mail.

I might have known I wouldn't be able to have any fun at work when I found Solitaire and Minesweeper had been removed from the computer. So has the disk drive. I can't even bash on with a little writing unless I print it out, take it home and scan it in using OCR software. Hmm, there's an idea...

Back to the point. I can see that if a Police Officer Looks At Internet Porn In Lunch Hour scandal hit the headlines, it wouldn't look too good. But these are our Boys in Blue. Pillars of the community. Guardians of the Law. And their own bosses won't trust them enough to let them shop at amazon or check their Hotmail.

The plus side is that none of them will be reading my LiveJournal.

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