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Muskehounds are always updating

I know that the only person who's been lying awake worrying about the JavaScript popup windows in the Fan Works section of is me, but I'm glad I've got them fixed; they're now theoretically accessible and generally nicer.

It took me about an hour to do, as I made the classic error of going 'argh, this code isn't working, it's useless' and junking all my changes, only to remember that JS is incredibly persnickety about line breaks and won't work unless you Unwrap everything. Wergle. Still, while I was fiddling with it a lovely long email popped into my inbox thanking me for making such a 'Muskehoundylicious' site, which makes it all worthwhile.

(zingela might be interested in the popup code, BTW - it's a lot neater than target="_blank".)

I also added a link to ffelfurt and his band's smashing rendition of the theme tune, and his transcription of the guitar chords (they work; I tested 'em).

What I should be working on is getting the site out of that damn frameset and using PHP includes. I've been saying this for six months.

A pleasant quick task was adding a pic to the rotating selection on my personal homepage: this awesome piece by schwitters (the artist formerly known as afriti). I genuflect at the coruscation of its magnificence, and I really need to work on the horrid white line I left round it when making it transparent.
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