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A Day at the Zoo

You might remember Prague Zoo from news reports of the flooding in Prague in 2002. A huge rescue operation was launched and most of the animals were hauled and hoisted to safety, including the elephant, though some were drowned and some later died from shock.

The zoo, like the rest of the city, has bounced back from the disaster and is a lovely place. The charming woodcut effect you can see on the website is echoed on signs and notices throughout the zoo, and there are lots of these, giving all the information your heart could desire. Unfortunately it's all in Czech and was completely incomprehensible to me, so I didn't learn very much.

The very first critter we saw, porsupah will be pleased to know, was a large red panda (or 'pandy' as he is, cutely, called in Czech) bustling about his arboreal kingdom. Now, I have visited London Zoo several times and the most I've ever seen of their red panda is a ball of ginger fluff at the very top of a very tall tree, so it was wonderful to see so much panda activity transpiring - and such a superb tail too!

We also saw:
  • the most wolves I've ever seen in one place - eleven of 'em, European and thoroughly somnolent
  • Priam the 17-year-old Siberian tiger, or at least those bits of him that were visible as he napped in the long grass
  • bush dogs and jaguarundi, neither of which I'd never seen in a zoo before
  • maras!
Is there any reason, apart from shortage of supply, why I should not be allowed to have a mara or several? They're not much bigger than a rabbit and appear to be just as benign.
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