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Shoe Event Horizon

Well, looks like that was that for the unseasonal heatwave. My ride home was enlivened by flickers of fork lightning, reverberating thunder and the kind of rain that stabs through your clothes, sneaks in through the laceholes of your new boots and trickles into the space between the scooter's seat and your seat. A couple of nice little flooded sections to deal with, too. I'm afraid I was not terribly courteous to car drivers, forcing my way into spaces I wouldn't normally go for; "sod you, I'm much wetter than you and getting wetter every second" is the attitude I tend to take on these occasions.

The new boots are not the same as the vegetarian shoes, BTW; both pairs of shoes-I-wear-to-work chose to fall apart at the same time, necessitating far more shoe-purchasing than I'm generally into.

I was accosted when parking this morning by one of the many souls who wander Southwark all day clutching cans of lager and muttering to themselves. My heart sank to hear his "Excuse me luv...luv!", but he only wanted to ask me where I got my Kickers. I told him, and we had a short and surprisingly un-mad chat about boots, and the pair he'd bought from the catalogue a few weeks ago but they didn't sell the colour I was wearing (they are bright cherry red and delight my soul).

I didn't ask why someone who buys name brand boots from a catalogue would be scrounging for dogends in a Borough gutter.

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