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Happy New Year!

I left LJ to its own devices between Christmas and New Year and had to skip back >300 entries last night, so well done everyone.

There were times when 2016 felt like a bit of a drag, but in hindsight there was plenty of good stuff going on:

In January I visited Berlin for the first time and fell in love with the city.

In September I rode the North Coast 500 with a group from the Honda NC700 forum.

A few of my short stories appeared in print, while one from last year won two awards, an Ursa Major and a Cóyotl.

In culture news, I had my first experience of the Globe, to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, and was enthralled by both The Red Barn at the National and The Red Baron at the RAF Museum.

I saw Paul Simon in concert for the...sixth time? On this occasion, though, I went with my mum, which was a first.

On TV, I loved Deutschland '83 to distraction and was inconsolable when it finished. Luckily The Night Manager came along immediately afterwards to make up for it. Currently: working my way through all of Archer and Paw Patrol on Netflix.

Things to do in 2017:
  • Travel more, perhaps taking in an airshow abroad
  • Get something longer than a short story published
  • Grade to first dan
  • Something awesome for my 40th birthday

Finally, please enjoy this recent self-portrait:

Casino Royale


Mm, I'm a little too familiar with those kind of gigantic LJ catch-up sessions.. not, of course, that I'm currently embarking on another one, nope. ^_^;

Arakin very kindly offered crash space if I'm in Berlin sometime. I hope to take him up on that before 2017 concludes. ^_^

Have you tried Sense8 and the recent Dirk Gently? And Orange is the New Black, for that matter. And then there's Steven Universe and MLP:FiM!

Travel! I can definitely get on board with that. My recent orbit back "home" was a huge relief - it felt so very good to be back where I've long felt I belong. But there's also so much else of the world I've yet to see, like anywhere in Asia beyond Malaysia and Singapore, Australia beyond Brisbane and Sydney, anywhere in South or Central America, or anywhere in Africa beyond Morocco and Tunisia (and even those were back when I was but a leveret). Do you have any particular spots you're thinking of in particular?

I mostly do Europe so I can bike in it, but lots of the US is tempting, also Australia, New Zealand and Japan (where my flatmate recently had an amazing time). Africa and South America less so.

I've heard mixed things about Dirk Gently, but I should probably give it a whirl! I didn't like the episodes of SU I tried, but I have been informed I need to watch more...

And do take Arakin's generous offer up, as I did!