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Free Stuff? For Me?

slushDid you know that Goodreads does giveaways? Authors and publishers offer their wares to 'generate buzz', and Goodreads distributes them to requesters using a complicated algorithm based on how active you are on the site, what else is on your bookshelves, and pulling names out of a hat.

I've been entering for years with no success, but this changed with a notification over the weekend. Furthermore, what I received in the post yesterday was a new hardback from a popular author with a major publishing house - Jacqueline Wilson's The Butterfly Club - rather than a self-published gay cowboy werewolf romance. Not that there's anything wrong with those.

(I do feel, guiltily, that some little girl would be more thrilled with the Wilson than I was, though I devour her work avidly. But few little girls have Goodreads accounts, and I can always pass it on.)

Elsewhere in freebie news, one of the leisure centres in my employer's portfolio is running a Slush Puppie promotion with a free bone-shaped cup at the end of it. I reacted with such excitement to the bone-shaped cup that my colleague promised to obtain one for me, and I found it on my desk this morning.


Your referring to the gay-cowboy trope reminds me of one of the more pertinent pedantic observations I've seen in recent years:

Brokeback Mountain wasn't a gay cowboy story. It was a bisexual shepherd story.
Excellent! Having neither read nor seen it, I wouldn't know. But I will bear this in mind if and when I do!
Ooo slush puppies! I wanted one of those machines when I was little, to which my parents simply responded 'No'.
I wasn't even allowed the slush puppies, let alone a machine! Luckily, I'm a grown-up now ^.^
That drifts dangerously closely to claiming you've grown up, which I must, of course, desperately hope to be a dreadful misinterpretation.
It's more that I have income - which means I can buy myself things, whereas children are at the mercy of their parents when it comes to Stuff, and parcels are more exciting for them :)

(My colleague Nick on Friday, as he played Disney soundtracks on Spotify and we sang along: "One day we'll grow up, Alice....naaaah!")