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2-Way Wrist iMac

Big Belgian Birthday Weekend: Monday

We'd given ourselves a leisurely day to travel home. After coffee and pastries bought at a sandwich shop and eaten on the steps of the town hall, I visited a couple of shops I'd spotted and earmarked for later investigation: a comic shop and a cheap bookshop. There was, inevitably, purchase of Tintin merchandise, including a Flemish copy of my favourite adventure. Such is my familiarity with the English translation, I can understand just about every word. Want to know how to say "A shooting star! Quick, Snowy, make a wish!"? It's Een vallende ster! Vlug, Bobbie, doe een wens!

Also 'spider' is spin, which will be useful if I ever need to explain to a Belgian why I've suddenly screamed and jumped on a table; the noise Snowy makes is WOEHA; a knock on the door sounds like KLOP KLOP KLOP, while a slamming door goes BONS.

My final task was to buy some stamps and find a postbox before we hit the road for three more hours of dull Belgian motorway back to the Calais Eurotunnel terminal. Apart from a delayed train everything went smoothly, and I arrived home just after 7PM. Then I realised I hadn't put my dashboard clock back and it was actually just after 6.

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Heh... your post prompted me to re-watch Jonathan Meedes piece on Belgium, which somebody has thoughtfully put on YouTube Aside from a three-day visit to Brussels about 10 years ago, that sums up my knowledge of the country.

Though I would like to go back, if only to see the (reputedly very bizarre) Antoine Wiertz museum. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the aviation gallery in the Royal Museum of the Army are both also good.
I did not know of this aviation gallery! Another time.

(On a previous visit I went to the Atomium, which I loved.)
Thanks for the card! It came this afternoon.
Three days? Not bad!
Plop! That's the bastard who trashed one of my fond childhood memories. )-8
I thought it was - remembered your post when I saw the signs near the Eurotunnel.
If you claim that image is not your phone's lock screen by now, I will be forced to conclude that you are fibbing. ^_^
Not yet instigated but the thought had occured to me ^.^