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Der Huskymeister

Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!

I knew as soon as I heard the title that I wanted to see Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!, and last night at the Soho Theatre did not disappoint.

It's a solo show by Humphrey Ker, of whom I had not previously heard, narrating a wartime tale of skulduggery and derring-do. Apart from an occasional costume change or loud bang, most of the humour relies on deadpan delivery, anachronism and funny accents. In short, just the sort of thing I like. (Typical example: "She had flaming red hair; full, red lips; and those pointy breasts we all seem to be really into back here in the 1940s.")

Go along, go on! It's only an hour. And there's a dog in it.

(Dymock Watson was a real person, incidentally.)


Oh, I love Humphrey Ker. He was one part of the Penny Dreadfuls (a Victorian sketch troupe) and I've been listening to their stuff recently.

Of course, there's no likelihood of me getting to see this what with living in the Grim North - but I'm pleased that he's doing well in a solo venture.
Perhaps he'll take it on tour! It was a Fringe thing initially.

I will look out for the Penny Dreadfuls too.
That sounds arguably even more British than Ripping Yarns.

I really ought to pick a weekend sometime for a theatrical outing in yonder town. Perhaps this and Priscilla, of which I've heard plenty of good things, though they'll have to go a long way to displace that glorious silver catsuit, in one scene, atop the bus, cape streaming aloft as they voyage on. *shiny*
I believe Priscilla has been replaced by Singing In The Rain, though perhaps it's just moved?