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2-Way Wrist iMac

Writer's Block: Remembering Steve Jobs

Well, that was a hell of a piece of news to wake up to.

Steve Jobs once said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." He inspired a generation to Think Different. How has the legacy of Apple's co-founder influenced your life?

I've been a Mac person since 1993.

For my sixteenth birthday, my parents gave me a Macintosh Performa 200. I was stunned - we'd had computers at home since the days of the Sinclair Spectrum, but here was one of my very own!

It had a tiny black-and-white screen, came with a game to help you learn how a mouse worked if you hadn't had one before, and was, technically, portable (I also got a huge padded bag with a shoulder strap). It was way better than the 486s in the school computer room, even though those had 'Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?'.

I used my Performa until my final year at university, when student bedrooms got their own internet connection and I acquired a cast-off internet-capable Mac of my dad's to take advantage of this. The little guy is still kicking around, awaiting the mythical future home in which I will have room to install all my computers at once and do as yet unspecified Neat Stuff with them. I hope it still turns on by then.

When the G3 iMacs came out I was smitten. I'd never imagined a computer could be so beautiful. As soon as I could afford it I ordered a Ruby one (I wanted Tangerine, but they'd been discontinued), which was my home computer until late 2004. It, too, is in a cupboard awaiting resurrection.

I'm currently on a G5, PowerPC iMac which should probably be replaced (it would be nice to see what all the Lion fuss is about), but I'm waiting until something terminal happens to it or Apple realise that we're tired of white and we want our translucent orange computers back.


If I knew anything about hardware (or macs) I would be all over helping to set your beautiful ruby imac. I really wanted one at the time, but there was no way I could afford one. Now I still can't really afford the equivalent, but I DO NOT WANT ONE, I want an orange clamshell ibook dammit. I have been thinking about ordering a broken one and fixing it, but my life is already pointless enough so I am holding back until I am drunk in charge of ebay.
I actually have an orange iBook which I bought a couple of years ago purely because I'd wanted one so badly when they came out, and now of course rarely use. Would possibly consider selling!

The ruby iMac at one time lived in the living-room as a courtesy computer for guests, but most guests bring their iPhones these days...
Ooh does it work? I would consider buying! I could use it, for, er, hacking! Or programming! Or going "oh for goodness sake where is the right click" button.

They are so beautiful oh how I desired one.
We had a Ruby iMac (now living with Trixie Bacon)! And a tangerine iBook. And all sorts of Apples, since bis0nfish used to use them at university in the 1980's, and I was given a second hand cube in 1994. I dread to think how many Apple products we have in our house, old and new, and I can't imagine life without them.

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I've already said my full bit on the passing of Steve Jobs on my journal.


But as for influenced my life? Well sadly not much, I only got a iPod touch then a iPad this year, and it was only last month did I finally buy my first Mac (a custom 13" Macbook pro).

I would never have said that Apples products are the best that I've ever used or that I am utterly won over by OSX Lion, but I do like the fact that to work with they are fairly fluid and (apart from the terrible scratching on my iPod) fairly solid, with amazing battery time for portable devices.

That said even if I had still been a 100% windows guy, it's still hard to ignore Steve's influence. He helped popularise or made GUI's popular with the early Macs where such things where standard, his use and understanding of fonts made computers look and feel better.

Unlike an iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac it's something that ALL computer users now take for granted.
Mmm.. I'm thankful I'd (only just) gone to sleep before the news started to flood Twitter, else I'd probably have seen the sun rise first.

Quite amazing to think just how different the computing (and CGI, for that matter) industry would've been, had it not been for Jobs launching WIMPs into the mass marketplace. Shaking an industry up once would be an accomplishment, but multiple times?

Ah well. Apple's in good hands, so I imagine they've plenty more fun in store. Meanwhile, I can revel in a MacBook Pro that not only works beautifully, but looks as elegant as well; an iPad that's a joy to use whether out in the field (literally =:), in the bath, or on the sofa; and a fair few other natty devices over the years, all designed to try to get the technology out of the way, and simply let things happen, elegantly.

I say we petition Tim Cook to bring Clarus back, too. ^_^ (Still got a shirt with her on, but rather faded at this point)
Clarus with the head of Steve Jobs. I can think of no better memorial :)

I do hope Apple continue to innovate and amaze. That will be a hell of a legacy!