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Husky Airways

Speedbird One

I saw this beautiful ad for British Airways last night:

(I think showing Concorde is at best an error and at worst a bloody nerve, though. They don't really have anything to follow it up with, and it changes the tone of the ad to 'we used to be great and now we're a bit rubbish'. I still get sad and cross whenever I remember Concorde's not flying any more. Then there's this, which just adds insult to injury.)


I still can't believe we got rid of Concorde. Now it's remembered for that accident but it and the channel tunnel were the big engineering stories when I was little and what got me interested in the elegance of structure. :(

(this is, ah, my only flying-related icon...)

If I'd known we were going to lose Concorde I would somehow have saved up for a flight on one :(
I assume, being a proper paid up aviation geek and all, that you already know about this. But just in case:


I knew you could have a crack at requesting the Red Arrows, but not the BBMF - thanks!

I had my 30th birthday party at Bournemouth Airport, and was lucky enough to have the Eurofighter Typhoon land and take off while we were there.
Not even an Airbus A380!
It annoys me greatly that I never had the chance to see Concorde in the air at all :(

The ad does give me goosebumps though as Concorde flies past all the other aircraft at the end ^.^'
I used to see Concorde regularly, as a flight went over New Cross right at the time I passed through on my way home from work. I didn't know how lucky I was :(
Whta was Hercule Poirot doing in those early shots?

Did you watch the Spitfire programme last night? I forgot :-(
I was watching Billy Connelly do Route 66 on the other side!
Part of this add featuring the 1960's BOAC aircraft was shot a IWM Duxford. My dad told me a few months back that they had crews there for a few days filming something for an advert or a documentary. This must have been it.
Gosh - I'd assumed it was archive footage! It was very well-shot, in that case.
Hmmm... No mention for the old Imperial flying boats that are my mother's first memory of air travel. I guess they couldn't find an exampleto film in HD.
Shame - I love flying-boats and would give anything for a nice leisurely journey to Australia in one.
I have to agree. Losing Concorde was a massive leap backwards and, like you and Mr. Clarkson, am very cross about it.

I always wanted to fly on it and now I can't. The only time I saw one in the air was the first time we all met up in Reading and saw it overhead. If I recall, it was the last time anyone would see it fly.

That was a lovely moment!
Mmmmmm, mixed feelings indeed. Plus points for remembering where they've come from. (You'd know this, I don't; does 1:03/1:04 actually literally represent "chocks away"?) Many things feel wrong, not least the fact that BA has one of the strongest and most effective associations with particular pieces of music, so it seems a missed opportunity not to use it.
It is! There are still chocks, because planes can still roll or be blown.

I think I'm going to watch the ad with the sound off in future. Superhighways in the sky indeed!
Saw that ad today and it made me stop and watch. Still not sure what I think about it yet though :/
Oh, I absolutely love that ad! I'm totally soppy and I get all teared up whenever I see it. Lovely music too. But I don't agree: for me the most touching part was seeing that gorgeous Concorde zoom over the other planes, bank right and go soaring off into the past...sniff sniff.

But yes. It is a disgrace that it was mothballed and nothing even cooler has replaced it. Boo. And I'm sorry I never managed to fly on it...
Me too! As with so much else, I would have made much more effort if I'd known I only had a limited time to do it in.