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Don Quixote

Too Many Books, Not Enough Time

I have just had lunch with hoshuteki, a date arranged so he could pass on a couple of books I'd requested from his get-rid pile (including Crash, inexplicably missing from my otherwise exhaustive Ballard collection).

On Saturday I went to visit friends who are decluttering due to impending parenthood, and came away with enough sci-fi classics to fill my scooter's top box.

Oh, and late last week I randomly decided to order a couple of things from my Amazon wishlist, because I'm worth it.


(By the way, if you're ever seized by the urge to know what I'm reading, you can find out on my Goodreads page.)


I keep meaning to make an Amazon wishlist of my own, because I keep seeing things that I'd like to get and then I forget all about them. I shall have to make a note to get on with that! I see lots and lots of nifty goodies among those on your list though, thats for sure. I like that little "dog with a bone" brooch especially!
It's merchandise for Belle & Sebastian, a band of which I'm fond, but a lovely object in itself too!

Amazon's wishlist is even more useful now you can add stuff from other websites.
I don't know Belle And Sebasian all that well (though what I've heard was good stuff) but I remember they had a song called Dog On Wheels. For some reason the title really tickled me.
It's a lovely song, too - the first one of theirs I heard, and still my favourite.