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Take That, Pigeon!

A pigeon flew up at my face on Charing Cross Road just now. Without thinking, I executed a perfect rising head-level block (jodan age uke).



You are also pretty cool!
That's not what the pigeon thought! Or the poor man into whose face I deflected it!
That pigeon is gonna be back and try and plop on ya you do know this, pigeons take their vendetta's seriously :P
Oh excellent! I bet that pigeon is sitting in a pub right now saying "you would NOT believe what happened to me just now."
Probably assembling a posse...
I'm giggling like crazy now; thanks for the image!
Then my work here is done!
Heh! Nice one.

Speaking of birds and bikers, this morning I saw evidence of what happens when a biker takes a crow to the helmet. The ambulance-crew were amused, the biker somewhat stiff-necked and his bike fairings a bit of a mess.
Ouch, I bet! I've never suffered bird-strike but a chap I was following once deflected a pheasant with his mirror (pheasant flew off, mirror required tightening).
It's definitely not something I want to ever experience.

The paramedics took the biker to A&E 'to check you out - just to be on the safe side' and when I left the police were awaiting the arrival of said biker's breakdown-service to repatriate his bike back to Gloucester.

[Worst I ever experienced was taking a Chafer full-on into an open-face helmet. That hurt!]
That would be quite the un-pheasant experience...


Oddly enough, this post is right above one on my Flist with the icon of a pigeon.
You are made of win.

And ninjas.
You just wait until the pigeons start training in earnest, though...


I've always worked on the assumption pigeons are no keener on a collision than I am and, indeed, thus far they've always swerved. Have I just been lucky?

(I wouldn't trust a seagull, though…)
I think it was a case of both of us ducking the same way...