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Husky Airways

How Many Horsepower?

It's a happy morning when the very first thing you see on your Friends page makes you squee like a sissy.

Thanks, moth_wingthane!

(By the way, would any of you chaps who started playing Airport fancy popping back on so I can make you managers of things and buy myself some planes? Thanks awfully.)
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You sacked me as your Petrol Station manager!

The game started crashing my browser anyway so I got rid.

Yes, because I needed you to manage something else! It's all very complicated.
Really? Sorry!

Yes, I wasn't just being evil (this time)!
On the topic of the trailer, a few of those jets (and a biplane) turned up in Cars (great film!) so I was sorta expecting they'd do domething like this. Looks damn good!

I'm glad it's not just me that squeed!
The same niece who loves dogs is also into anything that moves. This will be released just after she turns three. Perfect age for Disney!
Your niece sounds great :)
She's 18 months old today. She does a sign as if she's pulling a whistle on a steam train. For trains. Which was very funny when she did it when she saw the monorail at Chester Zoo!

She gets very excited whenever she sees anything flying!
> She gets very excited whenever she sees anything flying!

So do I, and I'm 33!

This might be a book she'd enjoy - I never had this one but I did love Richard Scarry:

Edited at 2011-06-15 01:26 pm (UTC)
Right in my basket! I always take her books because they can't spoil a child.
Quite the reverse, in fact. Hope she likes it!
At least you have a small child to take!
You just gave me an "OHMYGODISOHAVETOSEETHAT!!!" moment =^.^=
We've got to wait till 2013 though!
I think that looks better than Cars 2 :P but I may be biased, and it's relevant to my interests.

Also, Rob Zombie? in a Disney trailer?!
I loved the first Cars with its vanished-Americana flavour; if this can do the same for the world of Top Gun, I'm so in.