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Point & Click Adventures

I've had a break from gerbils for a few months, as I was away a lot over the summer and it didn't seem fair to commit to them. But autumn is here, home is alluring, and I was missing those little rustling and nibbling noises from the corner of the living-room more than I can say. So on Saturday calgor kindly gave me a lift to RSPCA Medway and I brought home Point and Click.



Point surveys his new kingdom (that wicker thing is more than half-destroyed now).

Aren't they pretty? They're Siamese, a colour I'd never seen in the flesh before. The RSPCA think they're about six months old; they're still quite small and jumpy.

It's easier than it looks to tell them apart: Point is slightly smaller and darker, sleeps more but is more manic when he's awake, loves the wheel, and seems to be top dog. Click has more white on his feet and is more laid-back, but thinks my hand is a chew toy. He has slightly wrecked a perfectly serviceable top by shredding my sleeve; I just sat there and watched him do it because he looked so cute, forgetting how much damage they can do in just a couple of seconds.

Every time I get gerbils I think that these will be the ones I train and tame with love and patience so they'll jump willingly into my hand when I want to get them out and pet them. We shall see.


Aaw! They're *shiny*!
They really do look like little Siamese cats. With rodent heads.
"little Siamese cats. With rodent heads"
haha that sounds so wrong -- and yet it works so well! they are beautiful.
Yeah, I was faintly revolted by the concept when I wrote that - but they are!

I used to have Guinea Pigs. I named them Ghengis and Adolf.

They had an evil squeak.
There's something sinister about guinea pigs. They're definitely not as dumb as they look...
I never thought they re-homed gerbils!

Why would anyone not want them!
People get gerbils for breeding, thinking 'aha, easy money' - not realising just how quickly they breed.
Yes, I was being unsure whether picking them up from the RSPCA meant they were re-homed. No reason why not, I've just never heard of it for small rodenty types before.
They were taken from a breeder along with some skinny, exhausted mums and sleek and contented dads!

This particular RSPCA specialises in small animals (cats and below) and are always overrun with rats and mice. Often they stay there for life because they get too old to be adopted quite quickly (you wouldn't want a child to adopt a hamster that was probably going to peg out within six months).
Aww! And such a posh colour too. Sophisticated gerbils!
It's hard to describe the colour without going all interior-decorator: 'taupe with cocoa highlights' etc.
I now have a mental image of an interior decorator with, instead of a set of colour cards, a range of gerbils in his hands.

"And what would madam like for the sun-room? The Siamese gerbil scheme is very popular this year, I'll let Click model it for you..."
They're very sweet, nice colouring too, I'd never even heard of siamese gerbils until now.

We used to have a gerbil, she was beige and lived in a 48" fish tank half full of sawdust, she loved it.
I ought to get mine a tank really - I can see them getting frustrated with the lack of digging depth.
Too cute! :D
Look at their lovely, lovely fur!
If I can find the tiny brush I'll get them even glossier. Cute icon!
I've got more where that came from!
*ded from cute*
Awww, they are lovely :)
I've missed having critters around so much.
Did you know: Gerbils are an alternative to electrically powered paper-shreeders. They'd enjoy doing the job for you, but you need quite a lot of them to replace a standard office-grade shredder.
I think every office should have gerbils.
People I used to visit on a regular basis had an office Tortoise. This would freak visitors out on a regular basis - you don't expect to be sitting in a meeting and have a tortie amble past the door.
Yeah, I felt the same when I got rid of tubes - or chopped up veggies without gerbils to feed titbits to.

I don't know what goes into the shavings I buy, though none of mine have ever had a bad reaction to it - I'll check the back of the bag.

I'll do the handwash thing, and try to be patient. They can't have been born later than April apparently, but they do look very young!
AWWWWWWWW!!! They're so adorable ^^
:) Yeah!
very, very cute.
They're insanely cute, and yes, very prettily coloured too. I didn't know they came in that flavour. You also have a talent for great names :D
Not that they appreciate what their names are! Hope you can come and meet them some time.
cor, they really are rathr cute, aren't they?
They're ace!